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Physical Disabilities

Utah Attorney — Social Security Disability  and SSI Benefits for Physical Disabilities

There are many physical disabilities that may qualify you for Social Security Disability and SSI benefits. If you think that you might qualify for benefits and you are unsure how to apply or you have been denied, I can help. I have been practicing law in ______, Utah, for 30 years. At my Orem law office — the law office of ______ — I work personally with clients to help them get the benefits they need.

Your Medical Records are Important

When you are seeking Social Security Disability benefits for physical disabilities, medical records are very important. They tell the story of your disability to the Social Security Administration, helping them understand how much you truly need assistance. If your symptoms are not documented in your medical records, the Social Security Administration will not know your story.

As a lawyer, I can help you organize your records in the right way, and, more importantly, get them to say the right things so that the details of your physical disability are clear. I often tell my clients how important it is to have doctors write down all the symptoms, diagnoses and treatments as well as functional limitations.

My goal is to help you get the best possible results, no matter what type of physical disability you have:

Talk with Me about Your Social Security Physical Disabilities Benefits

 I know the serious effects that physical disabilities have on people and their families, so I make sure that they get the help they deserve with the Social Security Disability and SSI benefits they need. For a free initial consultation, contact ______