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Denial of Application & Hearings

Utah Lawyer — Social Security Disability and SSI Appeals and Review Hearings

A denied claim does not mean that you should give up hope. As many as 70 percent of Social Security Disability and SSI benefits applications are denied the first time. As an ______, Utah, attorney ______ I can help you with a petition for reconsideration, or represent you at an administrative review hearing or a review by an appeals council.

A Denied Application — Reconsideration

If you have filed a Social Security Disability or SSI benefits application and have been denied, I will help you petition the Social Security Administration for reconsideration of your application. With years of experience in the practice of Social Security Disability and SSI benefits law, I know how to structure evidence and arguments to help you get the best possible results.

A Second Denial — Your Social Security Disability Hearing

If you have received a second denial, I will file a request for a Social Security Disability hearing. Before the administrative review hearing, we will meet and determine if any more materials are necessary to supplement the records to be reviewed by the judge. I will help you get those materials — like medical records — often having your doctor evaluate your disability. I will also review your testimony and that of your witnesses.

I will also review all or your medical records before your Social Security Disability hearing and write a detailed summary of your case. Based on my knowledge of Social Security Disability and SSI law and over 30 years of experience as an attorney, I will argue your case to the judge and help you achieve the best possible results — the Social Security Disability or SSI benefits you need.

Talk with Me about Your Social Security Disability Appeal or Hearing

When you call my law office, you will speak with me — not a secretary, paralegal or a junior lawyer. I talk personally with clients, making sure that they get the help they deserve with the Social Security Disability or SSI benefits they need. For a free initial consultation,contact ______.