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Headaches & Migraines

Utah, Attorney — Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits

Sometimes, headaches get so bad that they prevent people from working. When you have severe headaches or migraines and cannot work, I can help you apply for the Social Security Disability and SSI benefits claims you need to meet basic living expenses. I am ______, Utah, lawyer ______, and my law practice is focused entirely on Social Security Disability and SSI claims.

My focused approach helps me gain Social Security Disability and SSI benefits for my clients more than 95 percent of the time. I have in-depth knowledge of SSDI and SSI law, and have experience with the application process, including petitions for reconsideration and appeals to administrative law judges and appeals counsel.

When Headaches and Migraines Keep You from Working

Headaches and migraines may qualify someone for the Social Security Disability and SSO benefits they need to pay for basic living expenses, but it is important to fill out an application completely and correctly with supporting medical records. In order to be eligible, you need to provide the Social Security Administration with documentation of your medical history. That includes records of treatment, response to treatment and symptoms of severe migraines and headaches.

What Social Security is looking for to find you disabled because of headaches

In order to be found disabled because of headaches, they have to be of such severity and frequency that you would miss more than 2 days of work per month on the average (24 days per year) if you were working.  And, that severity and frequency must be shown in your medical records, that may include visits to emergency rooms or doctor's offices to get shots when you can't stand the headache any more is good evidence.  In addition, your medical records must report that you are complying with all recommended medical treatment including taking all prescribed medications as directed by your doctor.  If you're having headaches that could be controlled by medication but you aren't taking it, you won't be found disabled.

Talk with Me about Your Social Security Disability Claims (SSI and SSDI)

Are you considering filing a Social Security Disability and SSI claim for your headaches or migraines?  I make sure that clients get the help they deserve with the Social Security Disability and SSI benefits they need. For a free initial consultation,contact ______